Pagina uit een trouwboek Welcome to the website about the family(name) Totté

In december 2000, an unexpected meeting with another person with the surname/lastname Totté, was the reason for starting an investigation into the history of the family(name) Totté.
I expected it would be a short investigation, for you don’t hear this name that much. It proved wrong.

After searching for and looking through personal documents, familycorrespondence, familyphotos (owned by my parents) and listining to familystories, the project could begin. In march 2001 I started accumulating data from the Internet, in archives, at genealogical societies and I got info from familymembers and other familytree researchers.
All the data was put together in a computerprogram and a lot of paperfiles were filled. Until now I have found about 500 persons with the surname Totté. The whole database contains the names of approximately 1300 persons.

After a year of accumulating data, creating a website was the next step; more people probably were interested in my findings. No way all the data can be presented. Living people are mentioned only when they have given permission to do so. Pictures and backgroundarticles are often not used because of the copyright. Of course a historic research result is presented, which may be interesting for other Totté’s.
The research is far from complete, time to make progress is always short. The experience so far has learned however that with small steps, and with assistance of others, the job will get done.

The base of the research is finding my own ancestors. However, I found a lot of other familybranches (interesting for other Totté’s). Beside that I found data about spouses too, which may be of some interest to other researchers (use the index).

The origin of the Dutch Totté-family, so can be concluded from the research so far, lies in Belgium. Through “Zeeuws-Vlaanderen” (Dutch part of Flanders), the Totté’s spread over different parts of the Netherlands.
Until now, Totté’s were found (in the present and/or the past) in France (probably, the origin of the name can be found there), Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. The connection between all of them is still far from clear.

If you have material (for instance birth-, marriage-, or deathdata, photos, documents or just familystories etc.) than I would be much obliged if you contact me.

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